Fleksnes fataliteter episode 1

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    1. Physical Benefits – Fleksnes is perfectly aware that appearance means a lot in life. It can be a decisive factor when it comes to progress with ladies. But if your nose to Fleksnes not perfect, are there any solution?
    2. Blood entity – Once in a lifetime is the duty of everyone to show some self-sacrifice. With this laudable base goes Marve to the doctor to give blood.
    3. In the elevator – A full set lift stops between two floors. There need not be any disaster, while not one of the passengers called Marve Fleksnes.
    4. Visittid – If you are hospitalized, you will like to have visits visiting hours. But there are exceptions. In some situations, loneliness is preferable.
    5. Eternal yours forever – Like most others want Marve Fleksnes a woman to share life with. He takes the initiative and write letters. Pending happiness and love at the train station in Drammen?
    6. Winter – Fleksnes going to Hinterglem for womanizing.