Grandpa's Still in the Tuff Shed

Grandpa’s Still in the Tuff Shed (2003)

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  • Tagline: Frozen solid in a bizarre cryonics experiment Bredo 'Grandpopsicle' Morstoel now haunts the rockies.

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    Award winning documentary filmmakers, Robin, Kathy and Shelly Beeck, with the help of filmmaker Michael Moore, have spent the last five years filming a 60-minute feature-length documentary on Bredo Morstoel, a Norweigan who was frozen by his grandson in 1983. Since then, the world famous…well…stiff has been lying under 800 pounds of dry ice in a TUFF SHED behind his grandsons’ castle-like house in the 9000-ft Colorado ski town of Nederland. The grandson, Trygve Bauge, has long since been deported back to Norway, but Grandpa Bredo has remained, unwittingly becoming a worldwide symbol of the legal rights of the temporarily dead….