Hjelp, vi er russ!

Hjelp, vi er russ! (2011)

  • Filmstjerner: Erlend B. Fougner, Bjørnar Nilsen Øksenvåg, Kristi-Helene Engeberg, Kristoffer Anker Gustavsen

  • Utdrag:

    Markus and Robert is finally at ways end. 13 years of school is almost over and all they have learned is soon to be rinsed away with a graduation party like no other. The only problem is that they are in Ødvåg, a small town in the middle of nowhere, and someone has stolen all their traveling money. A group of nerds and misfits decides that nothing is going to stop them from partying, drinking and getting laid, so they go on a road trip. Will these nerds succeed in graduating with a bang?


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