Synthetic Sati

Synthetic Sati (2019)

  • Filmstjerner: Sauraseni Maitra, Suvosmita Mukherjee, Prantik Banerjee, Kheya Chattopadhyay

  • Utdrag:

    Paro, an introvert girl, with almost no friends, living in her world of imagination, becomes a complete social outcast after her ex-boyfriend spreads allegations against her on social media. Paro goes more into the shell, with a workaholic single mother at home who fails to comfort her. At this time her only support is a new virtual friend with a pseudonym of ‘Synthetic Sati’ whom she meets through an anonymous messaging app. While Paro’s friendship with the virtual friend Synthetic Sati deepens, she also simultaneously starts liking Mahamaya, a girl from her class; not knowing what she is headed for.


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